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Tips when buying a carpet through internet

At the time of buying a carpet for your home or office one many questions does not have an easy answer, and that is why inCarpets Malekian one of our goals is to advise them in a close and sincere so that your purchase is a success.

Now with new technology it is easier to learn a product and to purchase it from the couch at home. As we’ve been doing in ourphysical store for a long time , we want to help you find the perfect carpet for your home.

We want when you buy the carpet that you like satisfied stay with how it looks in your home, so it has the right to refund  if not had the desired effect when he got home.

  • What size should have a carpet?

The carpet should have a size in physical store Carpet Malekianrelation to the size of the area or room where will be placed. Measures of furniture, such as sofas, dining table, etc, give you areference the minimum that is required when choosing a carpet, the maximum total size of surface to be covered.

A carpet should not be small and not covering enough space nor should enmoquetar the area.

(More in:  Where Can I put a carpet in my home? )

  • What color is the best fit?

The combination of colors in oriental carpets is very diverse and very combinable. The carpet is another element of the decor, but in the case of handmade carpets their beautiful designs make them a very decorative pieces that do not have to be the same color as the rest of the decor .

As with clothing knowledge combine colors is personal and subjective , it depends on the taste of the host.

  • What quality and / or composition?

The handmade carpets have a work workmanship and design very difficult and complicated . His long manufacturing processes make the price of the raw material is easily manageable in the price of the total cost of the carpet.

Why come cheap rugs faces?

Only they use natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton and usually also stained with products of plant and mineral origin.Synthetic compounds are of low quality and offer comfort and durability very low and very high to get more dirt and washing maintenance worst.

  • Why is there such a price difference between carpets of the same design?

manufacture carpets
Oriental afghan rug cleaning have always been an object of desire for its beautiful designs, its elegance and good quality
. Many have copied these designs using low quality materials and mass production machines.

No copy ugly things or bad.

For this reason it is easy to find on the internet carpets with a similar design at a reduced price, but never of a good quality . In Carpet Malekian we seek and offer original carpets that meet all quality requirements and design we would like for our own home.

The price is something you should compare is very important, but whenever the two products offered are of the same quality and origin. Like any craft is subjective and sometimes depends on other market factors, such as small production or transportation charges and / or import tariffs.

  • Can I trust shopping through internet?

Our online store Carpet Malekian  is an extension of our physical store in Madrid, Serrano Street No. 3. Our open to the public store has been open at this location over 20 years , in which we put a lot of effort and sacrifice have extensive and nice stock for all our customers and friends.

Therefore we have decided to enter the digital age (How to buy online)  and closer to their homes with this new website. Thus, customers outside our town will be able to buy our carpets with the same safety and quality, but without moving to our facilities.

The Internet of things comes to coffee machines

Specifically Quality Espresso presented in Hostelco 16 the Quality Espresso Link, a revolutionary system M2M (machine to machine) that allows you to connect remotely to coffee machines and obtain real – time valuable information on machines and consumption to owners and managers from the same.

A real example of the application of Internet of things in the coffee sector , and is the result of the alliance of the Catalan firm Quality Espresso with Vodafone, its technology provider.

So, thanks to Quality Espresso Link , owners and managers of singapore coffee machine rental, such as toasters, can obtain key data such as the number of cycles of coffee made, the kilos of consumed coffee, fault messages or the need to make the preventive maintenance of the machine. Also warns if the machine is moved from its location.

Thanks to Espresso Quality Link owners and managers of coffee machines can get datoscomo the number of cycles made coffee, the coffee consumed kilos, fault messages or the need for preventive maintenance of the machine

In this way, they can give a faster and more efficient service adapted to the needs of cafeterias, hotels and restaurants where the machines are located. “The system improves the service owners and operators of machines for establishments where they are and this, in turn, impact on better service to the end customer of the catering establishments , ” explains  Adam Giralt , commercial Director of Quality Espresso.

“Today more than ever, decision-making is key, and data for them are fundamental , ” says Giralt.“With the data provided by the system  Quality Espresso Link , a manager may know, for example, why one of its two facilities located in the same street sells 50% less”.

How does it work?
The system Quality Espresso Link works thanks to the GSM technology with a SIM card installed on the electronic board of each machine, which is responsible for transmitting all information to a data platform.

From there, each owner of the machines can access this information through any Internet-connected device (computer, tablet or smartphone). All machines are connected and generate information. Information that, with a series of algorithms can predict when it will spoil a particular piece and give notice of maintenance before it occurs.

The system, hosted in the cloud, does not use wifi to not depend on the end customer, but the SIM card that thanks to the agreement with Vodafone, can have the geol0calizadas machines and online in any art in the world.

The Quality Espresso Link is offered as an optional feature on electronic models of new production.For already installed and manufactured since 2000 machines, Quality Espresso offers a kit for easy installation.

Very good acceptance

Currently  Quality Espresso Link already in operation in Spain, where he is getting a very positive response from the market. The company is now working to expand marketing system in the domestic market while preparing its launch and distribution in 30 European countries.  The goal is to have, within three years, 15,000 machines connected. A second phase will involve the remote control of them.

Mayweather opens his fitness training to Internet users

Just 18 days of the expected battle between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, the expectation continues to rise among boxing fans worldwide rented.

As part of the marketing strategy of the megafight, the public can access live today, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the practice session boxers who will face next May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas . From 7:00 pm, Mayweather (47-0) will open the doors of the gym located on the famous Las Vegas for the press and the public to observe their training.


Hand trainer Freddy Roach acclaimed and ‘coach’ Justin Fortune, Pacquiao (02/05/57) trains in Los Angeles. Make your work track and field at the University of California (UCLA), and works his boxing strategy in the Wild Card gym. Training camp can be seen live tomorrow, Wednesday, at 6:00 pm.

“I was not exactly the strong part in the negotiations for this fight. I have not been the betting favorite for this match. And I have not been the favorite to win this fight by the media are covering it. The chances of this fight happen, five years after the first negotiation, were remote. And I love it. I love everything that is happening, “he said Philippine congressman also one of its inputs ‘blog’ in which he also talked about the fact not be the favored to win the victory.

“I like the idea of being the” underdog “because it has always you touched me be I won the fight. De La Hoya, Barrera, Ledwaba, all were considered to defeat me. Being the” weak “inspires me during training. Haber he won those fights gave hope and inspiration to those in need. it was a proof that someone like me who was born in poverty, who came from having nothing, can succeed despite the obstacles, with the help hard work and prayer. There will be the favorite has always driven me to achieve great things, “he added.

The Experts Speak

The company HBO Boxing today shared a series of short videos as a preamble to the documentary ‘Mayweather / Pacquao finally’. Production will last an hour and will be released on April 18, focused on the anticipation and pitfalls that occurred six years to materialize mourning.

The recording also presents the views of several personalities from the boxing world about the crash that already is considered as the best event pays to see of the decade.


Meanwhile, Philippine coach, Freddy Roach, also shared several entries “blog” in setting out the reasons why Mayweather will have serious problems in combat.

“Floyd is still an incredible athlete but is no longer the same fighter he used to be and he knows it. He said he wants to offer more action to fans to participate more, but is trying to cover up the real reason why his fighting style has changed: his legs have begun to betray. And believe me, he is aware of this and the fact that Manny’s legs are still at their best. It is a great disadvantage, both physically and mentally, I show against an opponent before facing him in the ring. Floyd can run all you want in training camp. will not be much help, “said the multiple winner of the award for best boxing trainer. Read more about fitness training here fitshoppro.com.

7 tips to become healthy programmer

You do not know what you have, until you lose it. This is a phrase we often hear many times in our life and we all know what it means. And it is that we often forget the context of that phrase, especially in regard to our health. Okay, it is that the office of programmer is not a job risk, but it is not without danger. Many programmers suffer from health problems, as we saw an article last week in which globalists possible diseases that can suffer if you dedicate yourself to this development. In this post I do not intend to lecture anyone, I just want to share with all of you a few tips to combat sedentary lifestyles and diseases related to office work . I just want to encourage stay healthy even if you have a calm employment such as the programmer.

If you currently do not like your physical appearance and suffer from any ailment arising from the fact of sitting and typing all day, I have to say that it is because of bad habits, a sedentary life, poor posture and, above all, a poor diet. in this series of tips that we made for you, we indicate what to do to counter this kind of life in your routine inserting small changes that will make you to feel healthier and above all, more productive . Because it is clear that a healthy and happy programmer performs much better than a programmer in bad shape. You can checn the review of the 3 week diet. Luckily, with very little effort you can change your current lifestyle with this series of tips:


Okay, I know it’s the most obvious tip of the list, but that does not mean that many developers we tend to forget or ignore. Exercising regularly is vital to keep physically fit. Nor need you to become the next Iron Man, but simply the fact of adding a routine that consists of performing a physical exercise every day, has a number of benefits that will keep you healthy , fit and focused on your working hours.

If you do not have time to practice when you get off work for personal reasons exercise, you can adapt it to other quehaceceres. For example, have you thought about if, instead of driving to work, you go by bicycle or on foot? This is a form of exercise that requires no effort (unless you live very far from your office) and provides multiple benefits to your long term health. Keeping the body fit and improve your health, makes you mentally tougher. This advice applies if your job is stressful or mentally demanding. It will help you unwind.


Sleep is something your body needs to recover from the previous day and stay fit. The body uses this downtime to reboot your brain and repair any damage suffered during the day. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep significantly increases concentration during the day, improves the immune system, and even improve memory .

I my thirties I realized that this is very important, and, as a good guy, I tend to go to bed early hours. But as a student programming and also in my time after twenty, I thought he was immortal and that sleep was cowardly. I used to stay up late watching any chorradita on my computer and I slept really late. Invoice thing happened to me when held in my workday, but not overreact. When I went and fulfilling years I’ve noticed that the higher you are, have less resilient to this kind of thing. As a tip, try to sleep 8 full hours daily. Your body will notice …


The position is very important in jobs that are sitting most of the day. Although you count with comfortable and ergonomic adjustable chairs and a desk, while not keep proper posture when developing code, you are exposed to suffer any back ailment. Studies have shown that sitting at a desk for long periods of time is not healthy for a variety of reasons. Some programmers try to solve this by using standing desks . If you have not heard of them, are just what the name suggests, desks where you work standing. And they are not very expensive.

If you do not go to this desk stand or your company do not consent, simply corrects your posture by following these guidelines:

  • Keep low chair with legs aligned to the axis of the chair.
  • Try to keep your knees apart. This will promote a more active stance and therefore strengthen our back
  • Make a curvature inverted pulling back chest forward. This may seem awkward and ridiculous in the beginning, it is very beneficial to our back because the fighting will be weight.
  • Get used to change position every 15 minutes, by sitting on the edge of the chair.
  • And last but not least important. Get up from the chair, approximately every two hours.


Caffeine is a great ally of programmers. Many of you already know my great passion for coffee. I usually control myself because otherwise you could be drinking coffee all day. And in that council it is based, in coffee but knowing that you are not dependent on him, but it is a great help to stay focused. I particularly took three coffees a day, one nothing out of bed, another mid-morning and after eating. Not me I usually take very large or very heavy, just enough to stay active all day. And believe me when I tell you that the day no coffee machine or has failed notice it very much.

Why not coffee and other energy drinks? Very simple, coffee, besides enchant your taste, it contains almost no calories unlike these drinks . Caffeine is only a molecule that interacts directly with the central nervous system. Help yourself caffeine and try not to be a slave to it.


Finding balance in life is not always easy. If you have a demanding job with a lot of responsibilities, being disconnected can become a difficult task. No matter what you do for a living, it is important to find a balance between work and your personal life .

Everyone needs a little time to unwind and relax. Distinguish between work and your personal life is vital to help recharge. One way or another, you must be able to spend time with your family without being distracted by work. Sidesteps the phone and do not you check email when you pass the time with friends and family. Believe me when I say it really helps to recover from the day and prepare for the next day.


Needless to say that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. That does not mean you can not enjoy an aperitif occasionally to stay away from the healthy lifestyle is always good to afford a whim. Just be aware of what you eat and when you eat . That simple act can make a big difference in your lifestyle.

Do you want to enjoy long nights of sleep? So it is important not to overeat before bedtime. If your body is still digesting dinner when you go to bed, you will not have much time to rest.


I firmly believe that there are times when it takes off, avoid the computer, turn off the phone and away from anything that smacks Internet. It is a wonderful feeling to leave your mobile at home and go for a walk in the woods or the park . Your mind will thank you .

And here the 7 tips for a healthy programmer. Do you have any advice but we have forgotten here? Do not forget to indicate it in the comments below.

10 wearables and smartwatches compatible with iOS more attractive. And Android Wear?

The smartwatches and wearables have a lot to prove still . So far, some analysts estimate that barely sold a million and half of these devices. The initial enthusiasm is catching on among the generalpublic of consumer electronics.

Despite the cold reception of the market, manufacturers are still struggling to make many models, some more interesting than others. If we saw the best rivals in September with those who would have to see the faces the Apple Watch, today we look at 10 alternatives that work on iOS . Because, remember, not all current products work on this platform.

Activité Pop Withings Activité and

These two quantifiers watches are the most attractive in design I’ve seen in recent times. A flat area unadorned that saturate .According to tell us our fellow Engadget , its screen is touch and leather strap easily exchanged with other plastic. Great for when you want to dive and swim with him.

In the quantifier aspect, it syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. Through this connection, we can establish our daily objective activity, which is shown inside the watch dial as a percentage. The battery is what has always criticized this type of device, but this is a quantifier clock uses a button battery and just consume.

Swiss – made , its main drawback is the price of 390 euros. Hence Withings has created a Pop version with more content and materials , priced at $ 149.

Pebble and Pebble Steel smartwatch two versions of the oldest

It was February 2013 when Aitor told us his impressions when using a Pebble for the first time. Among its features they highlighted notifications and alerts, and you can manage iPhone music. With a pair of sensors (pedometer, accelerometer) and the ability to time and show who is calling us, the Pebble was the first devices to gain some traction .

Over the months its creators have been adding new features. Just one year later he was released the second version of its App Store  and this fitness smartbands Fit Shop Pro. The electronic ink display is what has always characterized this watch, which tried to take a little stigma ofgeek gadget with a version of steel and leather named Pebble Steel .

Of course, it is a design that appeals to an audience far side of technology.

Microsoft sneaks on stage with his Band

Although they declared their intention to enter the segment wearable months ago, nobody expected to do so as quickly . This quantifying band presented last October is capable of measuring steps, heart rate and distance traveled, and reflect alerts and notifications on your screen of 1.4 inches.

But the most interesting of this bracelet is the service that Microsoft has created to give value. Most developers have focused on creating a hardware with an accompanying app, forgetting the service side and answering the question “What do we do with this data?”. In the announcement of Microsoft Band see how they have chosen to show what you can do this device for us , something we have not seen in the Apple Watch.

Filip 2 is a smartwatch for small house

Sometimes parents worry about the day when their children have a phone or own smartphone. The Phil 2 may be the average perfect.This watch has an integrated phone to call and the ability to send messages to your contacts.

The most interesting thing is that this smart watch has a GPS with which have localized the tadpoles. As an addition, we will establish “safe areas” of which receive an alert if they go out. It also has an alarm button for emergencies. This is a watch I’m sure many elderly find interesting .

X Omate commitment to design low cost

In its second foray into the market smartwatch, Omate offers design minimalist aluminum with a battery of up to 7 days at a price of $ 129. It has sensors to measure daily activity , displays notifications on your screen and can answer calls thanks to the bluetooth 4.0 connection with our iPhone.

If this proves little, also we can install apps on this device . From Omate they have developed a proprietary operating system called Nucleus to make this possible.

Fitbit could not miss with 3 new devices

Last year  we analyzed the Fitbit Flex Applesfera  and a few months ago the company introduced the renewal of its linecompatible with iOS:

  • The Charge is a basic version that evolves built in what Fitbit Force. It incorporates an OLED screen where we can see the time as well as who is calling us by phone. They could not miss the traditional quantifiers sensors of physical activity. Its starting price is $ 129.
  • Charge HR is similar to the previous model but with the addition of a heart rate sensor, hence its name ( heart rate in English). Its price is also higher and remains at $ 149.
  • The Surge is the vision of smartwatch that has Fitbit. It has a strong resemblance with bracelets of the company but in this case has an LCD screen, GPS and a series of sensors that make it a more rounded product. Also more expensive, as its price is $ 249.

There are many other manufacturers who are thinking of creating your smart watch . Even Swiss watchmaking companies like  TAG Heuer have in their sights the creation of one . However, many details remain to be clarified such as compatibility with iOS.

Android Wear is the great absent in iOS

Many we liked the design of the Moto 360 and other watches developed with Android Wear operating system. Although Google has always tried to offer its services in iOS to a level comparable to its own platform level, it seems that this is over.

Android Wear in its second iteration and we have not heard from arrival to Apple’s mobile platform. Some argue that the strict rules of the company on the block is what is causing their absence. It may be attached to this not serve the current business model finder too.

How they could monetize their efforts if they have full access to our data? Seeing such astrong position that has Apple lately about privacy , it is something that could not be likely to change in the near future.

Whatever the reason is, the truth is that users would benefit us a lot of competition from Android Wear to the imminent launch of the Watch. A clock that some early adopters are already thinking about getting with him.

The integration of content marketing and SEO, a “must” for 2016

Today is not understood without an SEO strategy content strategy to support it , as it is presented as the logical next step after carrying out technical on-page optimization of a website. The same is true in reverse: of little use to perform a content strategy very powerful if around proper optimization and SEO strategy seconder is not done, so we can say that SEO and content and walk hand in hand.

What is a content strategy or marketing content ?

A content strategy or marketing content  is generating attractive and relevant inside or outside our web- order that our potential customers are attracted and decide topurchase our products or request our seo services bangkok contents.

This is not an advertising content with a focused sales message, content marketing goes further . Provides relevant data and information across different media formats Thus, the more specific and specialized the generated content, more number of potential customers get attract. It is important that it is quality content, but we must not forget the importance of proper distribution.

According to data published by the magazine IPMARK last June, 53% of users are more likely to buy a product they have read something on the Internet, but 70% of advertisers have no marketing strategy content.


Why is it so important in SEO marketing content and vice versa?

While it is obvious that SEO is a technique and discipline that defined content marketing itself, all technical and strategic SEO efforts aim to boost the visibility of the contents. Similarly, content strategies should aim at improving the organic positioning of the page. In fact, studies show that websites with integrated blogs reach up to 434% more pages indexed in the search engines, according to the blog SEMRush .

Is evidence that Google gives relevance to the texts that are optimized though around a strategy key- words are quality and natural, compared to the old strategy built onthe optimization of keywords or keyword stuffing, which today penalizes.  to meet our competitors is necessary to go a step further and complement our content using comparative tables, computer graphics, videos, etc., which add meta tags optimized around our positioning strategy, as alts , titles , etc.

For all this, in Kanlli we insist that the only way to ensure the success of content marketing is to apply SEO techniques in their implementation, because in this way we get a content strategy that boosts organic positioning of our customers, achieving greater visibility in search engines and in turn increased traffic and conversions on your website.

Content marketing, the great ally of quality link building

No less important is the big push for organic positioning means getting links from pages quality, ie the SEO off-site. The quality link building is shaping up as another SEO trends timeless so will continue to have a major role in 2016 l claim from SEMRush that you generate content – rich sites up to 97% more links.

If quality content is generated, valuable, useful, is much more likely to link us from third party sites , a form of linkbuilding natural that is the dream of any SEO . This type of link building is constructed by what Google calls “implicit links” that help build brand authority  and that can only be achieved through joint action of many people sharing our content or talking about him.

If you are interested in a SEO strategy that integrates with content marketing, contact Kanlli and our specialized team will develop a proposal tailored to your company.

The quality of movies in internet

Films obtained before the premiere

They are copies of promotional use to members of filming, film critics and members of academia. Such formats are usually available before the film is released in theaters. Although the quality is usually very high, comparable with that of a commercial DVD, the film can include messages, black and white scenes or scenes deleted in the final version.

The format  R5  is a non – promotional commercial version, but usually released before the rest of the world.


It is a commercial DVD Region 5 (See regional codes of the DVD ). The region 5 extends across most ofAfrica and much of Asia, including Russia and India.

The format  R5  differs from the other regions before being released because they do not have a subsequent image processing. This method is used by producers to compete with piracy in areas where piracy is common. The  R5  are not intended to be sold in other regions, but this does not prevent being distributed on the Internet.

As is the case with the format  Screener , if the player is in another language, the image is synchronized with an audio track from another source. These  R5  is added the label  LiNE  if the sound has been captured directly from an audio (eg, some cinemas have headphone jacks for hearing impaired).

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
R5 Good to very good (close to DVD) Good to very good (close to DVD) Very common

Screener (SCR)

It is a DVD or Blu-ray Disc promotional use. These discs contain messages stating that their use is promotional and sometimes include scenes in black and white, but their quality is often very similar to the commercial DVDs.

Sometimes the image is extracted from a promotional DVD in another language and then synchronized with the captured audio sound system of a movie theater, like the format  Telesync , but the image quality is far superior to the latter. These  Screener  is added the label  LiNE .

Often the term is confused  Screener  with  Cam  or  Telesync  to think that is a recording made in a theater, but it is actually a high – quality format very similar to  DVDRip .

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
SCREENER, SCR, DVDSCR, DVDSCREENER, BDSCR Good to very good (close to DVD) Good to very good (close to DVD) Very common

Telecine (TC)

It is a copy made by a machine that transfers the putlocker movies from the analog roll, used by film projectors to digital format. Such releases are quite rare because the machines that convert are very expensive and large, although lately are becoming popular. The format  Telecine  has basically the same quality as a DVD, as this is the technique used by producers to digitize a movie DVD. However, the result is inferior since the analog rolls used by movie theaters are lower quality than the originals.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
TELECINE, CT Good to very good Good to very good Oddly enough

Workprint (WP)

It is a copy made of a version of a movie unfinished. For this reason you may have scenes without cuts or missing material appear in the final film. They may also lack the effects are added in post-production.

Some  Workprint  have a time index in a corner or the top edge, and in some cases, include a watermark.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
Workprint, WP Fair to good Fair to very good Very rare

Obtained films in cinemas

They are recordings made with a video camera in film. In this category are the formats with lower quality, but usually get Internet quickly after the release of the film. Sometimes, when recordings are made in pre-premiere screenings, the film can reach the Internet rather than in theaters.


Both the image and sound are recorded by a video camera. The image quality depends on many factors such as the quality of the camera or the angle from which it is recorded. In addition, the camera can record the shadows of the spectators when entering or leaving the cinema. On the other hand, the audio is recorded ambient sound film by the camera microphone. Sometimes whispers, laughs or coughs viewers hear, what makes the sound quality is poor. The low quality of this format makes it quite unpopular.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
CAM, CamRip Very bad to good Very bad regulate Quite common

Telesync (TS)

The image is recorded on film with a video camera, as in the format  Cam , but differs from this in that audio is captured directly from the sound of the room from the main system or through connectors special headphones for hearing dispacidad. Then you need to synchronize the audio and video in a single file. The fact capture the sound instead of recording it makes the quality increases considerably.Often they launch  Cam  are mislabeled as  Telesync .

In India, where most films come from Bollywood, hawking usual format movie  PDVD , also known as Pre-DVD . This format is a copy  Cam  or  Telesync  low quality recorded on a DVD. It is sometimes confused with the format  DVDRip  due to the similarity of the name.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
TELESYNC, TS, PDVD Very bad to good Good to very good Very common

Films obtained from commercial media

In this category are the best qualities. Sources are DVDs, VHS tapes and some others. These films require first has launched the original DVD (or VHS or corresponding source). Because launches usually differ in several months in different parts of the world, some variants are to copy the image of foreign DVD (eg released in Japan), and then add the audio or subtitle obtained from another source, in the language destination.

The types of digital sources and then analog sources (VHS) is first indicated.


It is an exact copy of the contents of a commercial DVD. In most cases the full contents of the original DVD. Sometimes when the DVD is released in format  DVD9  (8.5GB double layer), extra content such as additional languages or interviews with actors so it can be recorded in a deleted  DVD5  (4.7GB). Rarely instead of eliminating content is re-compressed video, reducing the quality and size.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
DVDFull, DVDR, Full-Rip Very good (DVD) Very good (DVD) Very common


The picture and sound are extracted from a commercial DVD or  DVDFull  and compressed using codecs that reduce their quality and size. The loss of quality can be almost imperceptible.

For image compression usually Xvid and DivX (increasingly popular) codecs used and the MP3 (stereo) or AC3 5.1 (surround) audio. image and sound is then stored in a single file, typically with AVI format. In the compression process it is intended that the size of the resulting file can be recorded on a CD (700MB), but are increasingly frequent rips greater than 1GB (typically 1.4 GB) size.

All contents of the DVD extras are eliminated although sometimes two audio tracks, the original version and the dubbed be included. In this case the label is added  DUAL .

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
DVDRIP Good to very good (close to DVD) Good to very good (close to DVD) The most common


It is very similar to the format  DVDRip . The main difference is that the picture and sound are extracted from a Blu-ray Disc, which makes the quality is slightly higher.

Increasing quality occurs because codecs have a higher quality source on which to perform the compression process compresión.El is the same as in  DVDRip , producing a video file size 700 MB or 1.4 GB which can contain several audio tracks.

Name (s Image quality Sound quality Availability
HDRip, BDRIP, BRRIP Very good Very good Common

Films obtained from television broadcasts

These are the series and / or anime that are recorded from television programs, also known as DVBRip to the general classification.

HDTV: High Definition Digital

Captured from a digital high definition broadcast. Quality: better than a DVD, 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Digital Signal DSRip

Catches from a satellite signal. The image is not as sharp as that of a HDTV capture, but also is very good

Or PDTV Satrip: Satellite digital

Captured from a digital broadcast (satellite). Quality: quasi-dvd.

TVrip: cable TV or air

Recorded from an analog broadcast TV.


Recorded from a broadcast digital terrestrial television, like DSRip.


Repack:  If a group has released a movie / series with some failure, will draw a new version that will call repack.
Nuked:  Not approved. Version that does not meet the rules ripping several groups have agreed together when recording a movie. Standards: tdx. There are many reasons, typical are:
Bad a / r:  Bad aspect ratio. Wrong aspect ratio. The image is higher or narrower than it should be.
Bad ivtc:  Inverse Telecine Wrong. Inverse Telecine process is to change the number of frames per second (fps, frames per second). To achieve higher compression, often reduce this amount to 23.976 fps, regarded in the industry as the minimum acceptable. Bad ivtc notes that this process was carried out with errors.
Proper:  The practice indicates that the first to publish a movie (usually cam or telesync) wins the race (achieves greater P2P broadcast media) and the second can not reach it . But if the quality of the first publication is low, another group will have the opportunity to publish an “appropriate” (proper) version of the same movie. The reason to take the proper version must be included in the NFO.
Limited:  A movie “limited” means that seen in less than 250 theaters in the US

Internal:  They are distributed on an “internal” for several reasons. Usually it is to recover old rips DVD (ie, they are duplicating a movie already published some time), or when the source is a recording of poor quality and do not want to nukee. The internals are not governed by the above standards (if internal, can put there any garbage).




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